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Your training with switchROLL or the fascia station ROLLover   

your training          




You would like to training with switchROLL? But you are still not sure which roll is perfectly fitted for you? No problem, we support you, show you the differences and explain to you which surface supports which training.

You probably already know a lot about fascia... “Collagenous, net like connective tissue”.. and so on… Surely you have consulted a doctor or therapist to find out if fascia training is fitted for you and what you should consider, before you started your fascia training. Since, consulting a specialist is always the first step. Are you still a beginner and interested in a roll, we always recommend to choose a smooth roll.



Smooth surface


The smooth surface is best used to smooth out your thighs and calves. Take care that you always rolling carefully and roll out your fascia targeted. You can dose the pressure you are applying by supporting yourself with your hands. If put down the second leg than the massage will be lighter. If you lift the second leg you will increase the pressure on your fascia. If you have learned to listen well to your body, you can easily control your training stimuli.



Surfaces for the back 


For your back training we especially recommend our surfaces with an opening for your spine. With those surfaces you can mobilize your back muscles but still pay attention to your spine. Our surfaces with grooves and nubs offer thereby additionally a gentle massage. You should be aware that a ribbed or nubbly surface has a greater massage effect while the smooth surface is perfectly fitted to smooth out your fascia. 

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Soft massage rolls

As a fantastic massage roll with a comfortable, simulating effect we recommend our spiral surface. This surface is especially comfortable to roll on and really gentle. The soft version is also to be recommended for experienced beginners. 




Intensive massage rolls
       große Noppen  Rillen

We developed massage rolls with a bigger structure for practiced fascia trainers and athletes who wish for more stimulation. Those should, however, just be used by experienced people. Our recommendation: Use those surfaces for your feet! Or in combination with our trainings devices, while standing. Through that the intensity can be controlled very well and your arms and legs can be easily massaged too. 



Training with switchROLL 




Training with the trainings devices ROLLover

We especially put our heart into the development of our training devices. The idea was to enable as many people as possible to train their fascia. Even if at some point you are limited in your physical mobility. Be it through an accident or simply an increased sensitiveness. If you find training on the floor to intense and painful you will surely feel more comfortable training while standing. Sure… you can simply use a usual roll or train with a tennis ball on the wall. Have you ever tried that? Not everyone likes that and many think it is too complicated.

You are only once mounting the trainings devices ROLLover to the wall. Already you can massage your back, arms and even your legs. We thought that this type of training puts the focus on your body and you are able to concentrate better on your pain points. 




What else would you like to know? Do you still have questions? No problem. Ring us, ask us or visit our instagram page @mey_ergonomics.de

Your mey Ergonomics team