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Tips from the professional therapist


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Frau Wiegel

Martina Wiegel

 is the founder and owner of Wiegel Arbeitskultur.

As an ergonomics specialist and physical therapist, she and her team help companies to keep their staff physically fit in the office or workshop and to optimize their work space concerning ergonomic aspects. In that regard, fasciae training represents a sensible, supplementary training for daily corrective exercises at the workplace. If regularly applied,
this new type of self-massage loosens tensions and adhesions, massages the muscles and thus substantially increases your wellbeing

When exercising, pay attention to:

-    no training under acute complaints or inflammation; after operations, severe pain or discomfort, broken bones or osteoporosis
-    only one feel-good pain as a benchmark; do not work into the pain, that increases tensions
-    do not overexert yourself, listen to your body
-    regular training, 1-2x per week each with 5-8 repetitions
-    if you are unsure about the training and the volume, speak to your physician or therapist
-    regulate the intensity through shifting weight
-    slow, controlled motions and clean movement execution
-    in case of pain, clearly reduce intensity or abort
-    all regions from soles to nape can be massaged.

Fasciae training with the ROLLover and switchROLL by mey

Mey products for fasciae training are offered in different roll sizes, shapes and surfaces which are used on the floor, as a wall mounting or in the high-quality training center. Within that, the intensity can be adapted through switching between floor and wall or the simple swap of different surfaces and can be adapted to your personal sensibility and performance level.
That is what the training devices by Mey were developed for. The training center ROLLover, the wall- or door-mounting ROLLover and the various roles of switchROLL. Uniquely
flexible, these devices supplement each other and offer the suitable exercise to all target groups.
Beginners and seniors generally feel a lot more comfortable when they begin uncomplicatedly with the ROLLover wall mounting or the training center.
Intermediates, athletes and proficient users can use the switchROLL on the floor straight away. Thanks to the different cover textures, ranging from smooth to ribbed, soft or hard, small or large, the intensity can be increased individually here as well.

Our tips

When you start training with the switchROLL, the smooth cover is surely the right choice. After a short familiarization to the training, you can also select different surfaces through which you can achieve a more deep-tissue massage effect. The various surfaces can be uncomplicatedly swapped and thus the intensity varied.
The switchROLL is available in two different hardness levels, which are distinguished by their colors. The hardness of the roll is critical for the pressure which is applied during the massage.
Black equals a high hardness grade and is for athletes and experienced users. Coal is less hard and well-suited for beginners and pain-sensitive people.