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The decision for rolls and balls made of arolla pine wood was a deliberate one. The wood of the arolla pine is well-known as it is used for furniture and living spaces for centuries.
After all, the characteristic scent of the essential oils is said to have an extremely positive effect on the general well-being. Depending on its influence, the fragrance reduces the number of heartbeats and ensures a more restful sleep. Stressful situations can thus be better managed and the body finds rest and recovery more quickly. Those are important requirements for athletics and health-conscious people.

So it was our goal to use those health-promoting characteristics of arolla pine wood in the development of our latest fascia roll series. After all, wood is one of the most natural materials of all and is perfect for relaxing fascia mobilisation.

The short delivery routs from our wood turners to us and the possibility for local customers and to visit us personally shows us that we are on the right track.

fascia products made of arolla pine wood





fascia products made of beech wood

Specific training with the wooden roll

The big wooden roll is to supplement your neck and back training while standing. Take care that you do not roll over the bony region in your neck and back and dose the pressure by actively leaning against the ball. Through this you notice exactly when it stops feeling comfortable. For a save stand hold on to the holding rod of the trainings centre.



Mobilise your neck and back with the 
wooden double ball 

We strongly recommend the wooden double ball for training your neck and back. The spine is left out and you easily reach the rear fascial tissue. Especially if you want to work with greater pressure, than the double ball is the right choice.



Roll out your amrs and legs with the wooden roll 

The wooden roll without opening is specifically used to roll out arms and legs. Be careful with the intensity and work slowly. It is important to specifically roll out  your fascia to loosen the tensions. A fast back and forth doesn’t make any sense here. There it shows again that speed and pressure of the rolling can be dosed more effective while training standing.