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fascia rolls switchROLL | Have you switched today?

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Do you know the principle of switchRoll yet? If not, it is really simple... and versatile too.

You only need one complete roll and you supplement it with expansion sets.This is not only convenient in handling but also sustainable. The "core" is really stable and therefore long-lasting.The surfaces are just as durable and easily withstand an intesive training for many years.

To combine the versatility of fascia trianing was the idea behind the exchangeable surefaces. While the smooth roll is perfectly fitted to smooth out your fascia, the ribbed and spiralled surface gently massage your fascia and tissue.  The nobbly and ribbed surface is especially stimulating and perfectly suitable for your feet. Surfaces with a opening can also be found as a supplemnt in the expansion sets. This surface should especially be used for the back, as the spine is to be left out and the preasure applied on the lateral fascia tissue.   

The various surfaces should enable you to amend, mix  your training and offer you as many variation as possible. 

Your mey Ergonomics Team.