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Fascia station ROLLover | Train while standing


The training devices Rollover are designed for training while standing. After all, training while standing can be necessary and important due to completely various reasons. For example, for elderly people who have problems rolling on the ground or for people who are senstive to pain and whom the pressure while training on the ground is to intense.  Of course you can use a loose roll for training on the wall, but sometimes it is easier if the roll is fixed. Like this you can solely foucs and concentrate on training. 

Since we strongly believe in the big advantage of our trainings center we are trying to get a certificate as a medical product. As soon as the extensive test procedure and the tecnological developments are finish you will be the first to know. With that the training station is optimal fitted for use in studios.  

Trigger points

As a perfect supplement to your fascia training you can also treat your trigger points with our Rollover devices. Simply adjust the Trigger to the desired height and adjust the pressure optimal to your pain sensitivity. We are convinced that the triggering while standing is really effective and that many points, especially in the breast and shoulder area, can be better treated in this way.




Fascia training in a tiny space


For an optimal training while standing we developed our trainings devices Rollover as a wall and door mounting too. They are easy to mount to the door or wall. Within a very short time you will be able to start training. Be it in your own home, at the office, the common room or as well in the studio. Those two versions are perfectly suited for studios rooms with little space.